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Ok, I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to start my blog and as someone I know says: when would now be a good time.

According to our condo complex all units need to stain their decks.  So, I took it upon myself to pay me to do the work.  Not having a clue where to begin I consulted the internet, which recommended using a pressure washer, got totally intimidated by the thing, then complained to the universe.  Finally, I decided that instead of all the what-ifs about the ex or the I wishes about the current, who lives in another state, I should set realistic expectation, find a pressure washer and get started for God’s sake.  I mean I have worked on people before.  How hard could an inanimate albeit large object be.    When I called to rent a pressure washer, Jason, a very helpful man, explained that in this weather it is best to skip water, and sand instead. I could rent a couple of sanders for half a day each and get it done.

In my mind the sanding can be done in half a day then.  I forgot to mention that I have two decks.

That night I decided to set my fear of tools aside and take a peek in the basement at the tool section left over from another life.  Lo and behold I found a sander, plus three different grades of sandpaper.  See you can even appreciate your ex’s anal retentiveness.

On day one I turned on the sander and started with the back deck since mistakes would not be as visible here.  First just holding a power tool made feel all strong.  Then the coolest thing happened.  Slowly the actual wood started appearing under my sander.  That’s accomplishment.  “Good job.”  The chant of victory reminded me of the first time my two-and-a-half year old niece used the potty all on her own.  She ran out, calling all of us to come and see her achievement while congratulating herself.

After the practice round I decided to go to the front porch.  Oh I forgot to mention I have ADD, so there is typically no system to how I work.  Look if Danieil son can “sand the flooh,” by George so can I. It’s just that without Miagi I get bored after two hours. So far I’ve done parts of the railing, the columns, all of the floor, the two steps and some of the lattice.  And so far I have climbed over the railing to reach the top of the beams, laid down on the grass to get the small boards, and talked to myself excessively.

If i can finish this in good time then I might even be able to go on a trip to Portland with in two weeks.

It is supposed to rain today and I have never been happier to have rain.  For the next two days it will be life indoors, away from that porch.