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My father who has a “tell it like it is” attitude likens the creative urge, which some of us refer to as burning passion, to the urge to go to the bathroom.  And he doesn’t even use the word bathroom:

”It’s like needing to piss honey.  You either have the urge or you don’t.”
“Great dad.  Such moving imagery.”
“Haha.  Well I’m right.  Aren’t I?”

A couple of days ago, having to prepare for an important meeting, I got the urge. One that steered me away from my detailed to-do list which read:

Workout  8-9 a.m.
Grocery shopping after workout 9 – 10am
Home to put groceries away and shower
Coffee Shop to work on an article 12:30pm
Dinner and movie  6 – 8pm
Start preparing for the meeting 8pm.

By placing the main item at the end of the list I was sure to get to it with the utmost concentration, because by then I would have done all my playing around.

Somehow, right after the movie I was oddly overcome by a rather strong impulse to write about food.  And I’m not talking about we went, we ate, we liked.  I mean to describe it in a bit more detail.  So, trying to find information and inspiration, I gathered my favorite books on the topic and immersed myself in the authors’ words, some of which could bring you to the brink of…well…you know where I am going with this.

Soon with music blasting, I was out of my chair, book in hand, reading aloud, even adding in a few glissades and some arabesques.  For those of you who didn’t take two whole semesters of ballet in college let me explain that glissade means gliding and arabesque is the move she is performing in the photograph.  The meeting preparation had to be moved to the beginning of the next morning’s list.

Evidently, creativity and madness have a few chromosomes in common.

So, until about 2:30 a.m., I read, danced and wrote.  By the time I retired to bed I was having auditory hallucinations.

Today, when I really need and want that urge, I’m all…how shall I put it…dehydrated.  Perhaps by adding another activity in that leads to procrastination, like holiday shopping, I might be able to write about crepes or manila clam flatbread.