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VICTORY!  Bahar: 1, gym tyrant: 0

With a little help from a friend, I finally held on to that infamous corner at the gym.

Just like last time I was there for step class before weights.  This time I put my step so close to the end of the room, I was practically out in the hallway.  Also, to make sure there would be no question of my intention to stay I set up my weights in advance.  My friend stayed adjacent to me.

Scene: She arrived and started choosing her weights.  I continued jumping and counting, with my feet touching the hallway carpet at times!  When a couple of ladies in front of me left before the end of class, something unexpected started happening.

She actually began setting up in their place as Peter Gabriel sang the words that surely floated in her mind: “This time you’ve gone too far.”  Of course despite all the available space she stayed so close to me that the song “dancing cheek to cheek” found a new meaning.  That is just as well.  At least she didn’t set her step on top of mine.

As a strong believer in fairness and etiquette, I knew that eventually I had to make my point just as I did years ago in dental school.  We used to arrive early and wait in the alleys around the school for parking spots to become available as the residents left for work.  One morning I had been waiting for a good hour when a space finally became available.  Suddenly out of nowhere a man, who had just arrived, started gunning for it.

Wait a minute.  We take turns here. I thought.   We follow the parking etiquetteNo cutting in line.  Naturally, I decided to educate him on the rules.  So, I drove into the spot headfirst.  Now the back of his car and the front of my car both sat in the same parking space.

I turned off my car, locked the doors and waited, just hoping he wouldn’t take out a baseball bat and break my windshield.  Things like that can happen in Boston. Besides our dental school is not particularly located in the best neighborhood. The wait cost me that morning’s class but we must be prepared to go to any length for the sake of educating others.  He turned out to be a good student.  He left without damaging my car.

As far as the weight class is concerned, I’m done making my point.  Of course, others have to decide the merits of that corner for themselves, but not for the sake of revenge because revenge is not so sweet with a backside in your face.