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A couple of weeks ago, a group of us attended one of Pink Martini’s concerts in Boston.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pink Martini, it is a twelve-member group of talented musicians from Portland, Oregon.  They sing anything from Edith Piaf and Doris Day to their own jazzy style and they are amazing.  This time around their original singer, China Forbes, was not present because of vocal cord issues.  Instead a tall blond woman by the name of Storm Large joined them as lead vocalist.

When Storm first started singing, I found myself wishing for China Forbes, a woman of delicate-flower elegance and soft silky voice.

By song #2, however, Storm started to engage the audience.  By the third song, she had my attention as well.   We were all spell-bound by her presence.  By the way she moved her body.  In her straight open back dress, which showcased her LOVER tattoo across her shoulders, she exuded sensuality.  By then I found her voice sultry instead of raspy.

When I really paid attention I noticed that she was using something we all possess.  She used her femininity, her sensuality.  She played in the full range of feminine energy, from tigress to demure, depending on what she sang.  Her movements were so beautiful that she completely overshadowed another woman who joined her on the stage.

Instead of tapping her foot to music, which is what I caught myself doing at one point, she swayed her weight from one foot to the other, she moved her hips, she flowed.  She flirted with the universe with every part of her body from head to toe.  No rigid movements.

Ladies I am talking about the thing that is innate to us regardless of age, form, weight, whether we are barefoot or have high heels on.  The thing that my 82 year-old grandmother still has.  Storm embraced that.  Feminine radiance.

So flow, sashay, throw your hair around, take a fragrant bath and wash away the jittery energy, dance.  Just let yourself go.  Yes and let men, especially your partner, enjoy you.  What is so wrong with that?

I say this year let’s make a different New Year resolution: to love our body the way it is, and appreciate what it can do.  Ok if you still have weight loss on your list, for a change, try a dance class at the gym.

To prove I’m not just talk, I did a little practice after the concert.  On the way to the car I swayed my hips with every step, on the cobblestone sidewalks of Boston, in my hard to walk-in shoes, and loved every moment of it.  We just need reminders and practice to tap into that special part of us.

Gentlemen.  I wanted to quote Balzac for how you can contribute, but that gets us into another topic (one I am fan of): sexuality, which I can talk about later if it pleases my readers.  But here’s a little something for now.  A man who drowns himself in his screen (computer, TV, or both) at all hours is the equivalent of a rigid woman.  So, come up for air sometime and revel in the radiance of your partner.

With that I am off to paint my nails.  I’m thinking bright red.

Happy New Year to you all.