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1. Tremont 647.  They actually have a pajama brunch.  The wait staff are in pajamas and if you are the daring type you can be too.


2.SoWa Farmer’s market.  From May to October you can find wonderful fresh products from nearby farms, meet interesting people enjoy artwork on display at the market and in the surrounding galleries.  I was once taken on a tour of Italy by a vendor through tasting olive oils from different regions of Italy from the top to the heel of the boot.  


3. Mistral: For the most delicious escargot I have ever tasted.  


4. Hotel Chocolat and Teuscher Chocolate Shops: Hotel Chocolat for its private chocolate tastings.   Teuscher for its one of kind champagne truffles, as well as Stefan whose sensual accent makes you buy just about anything.

Magnolia lamp and petals

5. The Magnolia trees whose elegant blossoms splash purple and white along Marlborough street so beautiful you can’t help but double park your car just so you can stand under them and touch the flowers.


6. Boston Olive Oil Company for the richest flavored butter and truffle oils.  


7. That you always run into someone you know.

8. Its spirit lifts mine anytime I visit.


9. There is something for everyone: music, art, food, sports.


10. And most importantly that it is the city of my nearest and dearest friends.