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Here’s a reading of my essay “A Day At A Chain Spa,” for your listening pleasure.  Provided you can sit still for five minutes 😉


Below please find an excerpt of the essay, published in Garbanzo Literary Journal vol. 2. 

A Day At A Chain Spa 

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The Appointment:

First-timers get a special: fifty-percent off any service.   This means your budget will cover a massage plus a facial. You ask for their best therapist and esthetician, accepting the glitch that one leaves two hours before the other comes in.

Following MapQuest directions you arrive at a shopping center only to discover that your relaxing spa, the sanctuary-to-be, is located right next to the DMV.

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A rather plump receptionist is speaking to a client who can’t decide whether to book her next visit in six weeks or eight weeks and keeps asking plump to repeat the dates.  After an eternity your turn comes.   She hands you the paper work as she turns her face towards the side room where another staff member is working.  “Yeah let’s order Pizza.  I’m starving.  About to pass out.”  Your past life experience with patient care makes her poor manners (raising her voice instead of going to the back for her lunch conversation) conjure a whole slew of thoughts that leave you feeling ashamed.   Bad Buddhist.

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