nonameJumping up and down on the bed when you learned you were having a daughter,

Feeling mom’s pregnant belly anytime my little feet kicked,

Being supportive and protective throughout my life,

Always keeping your promises,

Helping me find my belly button,

Carrying me on your shoulders no matter how tired you felt,

Keeping me afloat as I learned to swim,

Holding the back of my bicycle and not letting go until I was ready,

Striving to provide for me as best as you could,

Always walking home with ice cream for us even though diabetes did not allow you to have sugar,

Communicating with me through notes we left for each other in your prayer book,

Putting drawings instead of notes in my lunchbox when I was five and couldn’t read yet,

Being the one man I know I can always count on.


Thank you to all the fathers; especially my own wonderful dad for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make. 

Happy Father’s Day

*This essay is a compilation of a number of special dads (my father, my brother, my partner, and both my grandfathers)