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Watching the Christmas lights twinkle in the branches of the green fir, it dawned on me that my green is probably different than yours.

Can we possibly be thinking of the same thing when we think Green?

Green is enchantment, magical, infinite.
It’s pine needles and garlands, a celebration.
It’s a fractal, a sign, a go.

Green is freedom, comfort, choice.
It’s forgiving, peaceful, and transitory.

Green is embracing, protective, nourishing, breath giving, antiestablishment, pro-equality, a veil, history, stability, a window to the soul, a mountain skirt, a valley.

It is guidance, answers, wisdom.

Green is a lake, an insect, a bird.
It’s a hunter, a soldier, an army.  Green is decay.

Green is a political movement, a trophy, a plaque.
It’s a jewel, a corroded metal
It’s health and wealth.

Green is a fast song.
It is a beginning, a middle, and an end.

Green is justice.

Green is life.