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bikram_slide1 Recently, we had a fun discussion about an article in Daily Mail on naked yoga classes designed to make people love their bodies.  Heated discussion ensued on FaceBook. Some people liked it. Others were disgusted by it. I personally welcome new experiences, so I would probably try it. Besides, to me the human form, with all its lumps and bumps, is beautiful.

As we moved through our vinyasas that day, I realized how much our body gives us to be grateful for.

Haven’t our feet been keeping us up or helping us balance? Think of the many dancer’s or tree or airplane poses we have asked them to do. And they did their best to deliver despite their cracked heels, scars, or tired arches.   Haven’t the hips opened to the best of their abilities when we wanted them to?  We have flipped our dogs, stretched in pigeon, and sunk in chair.  Our body has consistently aimed to take us there.  It has folded, twisted, and turned at our command, or better yet, invitation.  When we were brave enough to let go, it’s melted deeper into poses.  When we believed in its strength or gave it permission, it has surprised us.

How about the core? Hasn’t it showed up consistently for this month’s planks or helped us be the hotshots in our head or handstands?

Speaking of hands, haven’t hey found their way into binds, held us in those ninja balancing poses (as Angie calls them), always coming together just before we bowed to the light of others in Namaste.

And who can forget the heart, constantly inviting us to open up and connect?

The examples are endless. And that’s only in yoga.

Expand it to life. Think of the many ways our body serves us each day regardless of its imperfections, true or perceived.  The lungs take in air, the heart never misses a beat, the liver continues to detoxify, feet carry, and hands accomplish.  Since the moment we came into the world, this body has devoted its senses to give us the fullest experience of life and make sure we’ve had access to every taste, smell, texture, sound, and sight.

Don’t you think it deserves love?

See? Even clothed yoga makes us appreciate the body.

Now, let’s get naked. Shall we?