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You don’t work out to kick your own ass or morph into what you think looks good to the opposite sex.

You don’t work out because you ate too much.

You work out because it’s fun, because it gives you the same feeling you used to get as a kid on the playground.

You work out because you want your body, the only one you’ve got, to be healthy and strong, feel ready to play, run around, and enjoy life.

You work out so that if for whatever reason you have to use your body, whether it be to make love; run around with your kids, nieces, nephews, friends; or run away from danger, you can.

You work out to get more blood flow to your organs. Blood to brain means better working mind.

Same is true for eating.

You eat to nourish your body.

You don’t follow every diet fad out there. Instead, you eat healthy, whole foods, because they help your body and mind feel wonderful.

By the same token, you don’t disrespect your body by putting in more than it asks for.
Listening to your body also means letting it do the activities it feels like trying. If it wants to dance, take it to a Zumba class. If it’s curious about kickboxing, then take that class or do a video. Don’t judge it if it wants to take a stroll or maybe try a pole dancing class. Just let it play.

When you start living from this place, you’ll choose the activities that are fun rather than work, eat what your body asks for, and feel GREAT.

Lastly, the gym is for everybody regardless of size, coordination level, or knowledge of the equipment.  People who work there are there to teach you how to use the equipment.

That’s it. The rest is superficial bullshit.