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For most chocoholics, the love of chocolate is intertwined with a twinge of guilt, if not a full dose of anxiety about sugar, fat, calories, plus other added substances. Austin yogis, Jyl Kutsche and Amy Pancake, may have found a solution to this problem.
These two friends dreamt of a chocolate not currently found in stores, without the additives people react to, either physically or emotionally. Thus was born Chocolate Pharmacy, where pure raw organic chocolate meets spices leading to truffles rich in health benefits and packed with taste. Their Paleo-Certified chocolates have no sugar, gluten, dairy, nuts, or soy. They use Peruvian heirloom Criollo cacao, one of the best in the world.
When I received the email about the product, I was both curious and a little skeptical. Spices in chocolate? Sure, I had tried chili chocolate, but these had everything except chili. Having attended Kutsche’s Yoga of Chocolate class, I knew her love extended beyond just quality dark chocolate to socially responsible practices. So, I decided to give it a try.
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