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His youngest shyly points at you and asks you to read to her kindergarten class.

Two days before the event:

She’ll change her mind and ask her mom to read it, or her mom will change it for her.  You are sure of it.  Any minute now a text will come to say you are relieved of your duty.

The day before the event rolls in with no text. You realize you are on for the reading. Anxiety starts to creep in because you don’t want to mess up… EVER…especially on your first time. You start to practice your introduction. “Good morning kids. My name is Bahar. Im really excited to be here…”

What the hell? This is not an Academy Awards speech.  Get a hold of yourself. 

Ok. “Good morning. My name is Bahar. I’m Hadley’s”…oh shit.  Who am I?
Stepmom is out of question.  Google search said better a serpent than a stepmother.
Friend? No
Extra mom. Oy
Emmy, short for extra mommy? You get all weird with the word mommy, because you belong to the auntie squad dammit.
Bonus mom. It has mom again, but then you need to explain your role.  What the heck.  Let’s go with it.
You call her teacher to get the where and when details and offer to bring chocolate. She informs you that they are also doing a taste test and Hadley’s mom is bringing treats.  Suddenly reading to a bunch of kindergarteners produces intense fear of public speaking in you.  Also, scratch the phrase bonus mom.

Hi everyone. My name is Bahar. But you can call me BB. Hadley and I see each other every time she visits her dad. Good heavens, you are embarrassing. Try again. 

Hi everyone. My name is Bahar. You can call me BB.

There you go.

Now you go through something similar for your potential outfit.