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imagesI had bought an evil eye symbol for my partner. When the kids saw it, they asked me to explain what it was.

“It’s a protective symbol. It takes away other people’s jealousy and envy of you.“ After we went through the meaning of envy, one of them said:

“I wish I had one.”

As a newcomer, I was still trying to establish myself.  Oh who am I kidding.  I’m still establishing.  So, I promised to buy each of them something with an evil eye protection symbol: a necklace for the older child and a bracelet for the younger.

A few nights later, I stopped by his place for their bedtime routine.  Before we started our book, his then eight-year-old said: “Bahar, I lost my necklace.”

She put me on a spot, but no big deal.  I was the grown up here, the one with the evil eye culture.  She’s only eight. How hard could it be? I proceeded with my mom’s positive approach. Instead of “aw, I’m sorry” I said, “That’s good. It means you were protected from something.”

Her eyes welled with tears.

What the heck?  “What’s the matter honey?”

“Now what’s going to protect me?”

Oh, shit.