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One night as we were putting the girls to bed, his 9 year old who usually wakes up early said: “When do I come to your room to snuggle?” She doesn’t typically ask questions about snuggle time, except that the same morning she had showed up a little early and dad had sent her back to bed.

“How about I leave a note on the door with the time on it.”


Inside: Well darling because we may be shagging. Outside: “Well sweetie because some nights dad and I go to bed later than usual. We mainly stay up talking about our day (note the extra time taken to clarify the nature of nocturnal activity). The morning after we’d like to sleep in. Since you are asleep, I can’t tell you in person. So I’d leave a note.”

Wake up and snuggle time went beautifully the next morning.  Both girls respected the note. And the younger was particularly proud because she now knows how to tell time.

Two weeks later the six-year-old ran to our room at 4 am after a nightmare she’d had. Neither dad nor I could fall back to sleep, so once she was out, he took her back to her room. As he put her to bed, she mumbled: “Dad. Make sure to remind Bahar to leave a note on the door. I know it was not morning when I came in but there were no notes.”

Cheers to considerate little humans