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imgresBoom, a thundery sound blasted from the TV. I hissed at the grow-ups who were watching Inception and they lowered the volume but it was too late. The 6-year-old’s, whose room sits above the TV, woke up. I was in the kitchen preparing their lunch boxes for the next day when a sleepy little one, with a couple of strands of hair standing up, showed up.

“BB. I’m scared. I can’t sleep.”

Aggravated at the TV watchers and trying to make a point I said: “I know. It’s loud isn’t it?” No one heard me of course.

I picked her up and took her back to bed. We tried different strategies: closing the door, talking about how the movie is about people making themselves fall asleep and dream. It’s fake and for entertaining adults. We even tried positive association.

“What does thunderstorm bring?”

“Rain. And rain brings rainbows.” She exclaimed.

Perfect. We are good then right?


“Why don’t they turn it down?”

“They do honey, but each new scene gets loud again and dad has to chase the sound and try to catch it and turn it down. Try to close your eyes.“

Come one kiddo. I have school lunches to make.

“Why do they have to have scary music then? When I want to be entertained I want pretty movies.”

Rememver the Movie the Sound of Music? To this day when I’m alone at night and hear a sound that scares me, I start to sing A Few of My Favorite Things. Let’s think about some of your favorite things.”

We went through toys, travel, blanket, movies, but she still wouldn’t let go of my hand.

“Don’t leave yet.”

Finally it dawned on me she lives for sweets.

“How about you think about how tomorrow we are having two different kinds of croissants?”

“What kinds?”

“Butter and an awesome kind. Maybe chocolate.”

I stood up to go check on her sister and she finally let go of my hand.

“Guess what I’m imagining BB?


“I am imagining all the candy in the universe!”

“Perfect. Good night sweetie. I love you.”

The next morning she came to our room. I pretended to be asleep but could hear her whisper.

“Daddy, what movie were you watching last night?”


“It was loud. It woke me up three times.”

“I’m sorry. We didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“You don’t have to be sorry daddy. The TV has to be sorry.”