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doc mcstuffinsI left his six-year-old with my parents for an hour. By the time I came home, she was showered and screeching about the movie Atlantis. They left her with me for an hour. While they were gone, we covered kidney disease, kidney failure, dialysis and a whole host of “what ifs.” We then went through the gastrointestinal tract anatomy, terminology, bowel obstruction, fecal disimpaction, and bowel resection.  Somehow we arrived at gunshot wounds (specifically covering where it would hurt the most), and concluded with brain damage and coma.  She even wondered what if her frenemy (For you old folks that’s a friend and an enemy) had frontal lobe damage.

By the time my parents returned she was standing behind me with little arms wrapped around my torso giving me the Heimlich maneuver.

A week later she also learned how she needs to call 911 first before engaging in any resuscitation attempts.

Aging parents have a chance of being cared for by their children.  As stepparents you need to live in the moment and cash in your chips while the kids still live with you. Ensure your safety.  You never know when you might need a call to 911.