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pom_bombI was visiting my brother, excited to spend some time with my little niece, who is six. We have a special bond together. Plus, because of the girls I feel more confident taking care of T (ehem, I can actually cook for her). But there’s more. Having her in my life gives me a sense of emotional balance since my partner comes with two little ones who belong to him and someone else. With T, I feel like I have someone of my own.

A beautiful bowl of pomegranates sat on their table.  When I learned that she is a picky eater, I decided to do a Jedi mind trick I play on H1 and H2 to make her try pomegranates.  I usually eat a food they have never eaten in front of them and instead of forcing them to eat it, just show what a fabulous experience I’m having. Almost always it piques their interest enough to try one bit.  With T, I decided to add the fact that our girls had enjoyed delicious fruit to my effort.

Me: “T. We were having pomegranate with H1 and H2 recently.  Have you ever had pomegranates?”

T: “Nope.”

Me: “Ah.  It was amazing.  Every seed was an explosion of taste in our mouths. Do you want to give it a try?”

She tried one, closed her eyes and nodded her head in bliss.

“Mmmmm.  Daddy, daddy. This is wonderful. It tastes like explosion!”

Oh well.