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5633706747_7c0d3b137eWhen she first started the class with a quiet,”Come to child’s pose,” I immediately decided we don’t have good chemistry. I could hardly hear her.  How could I have a yoga epiphany? Besides, soft voice brings soft yoga, which means I would have no physical challenge either.

“You only need two things for this class,” she brought me back to the room. “Just This.” Her voice was still quiet, but the message stayed with me.  “Just this yoga practice. When you drive, just drive.  Don’t text and drive.  When you eat, just eat.  Enjoy your food.”

Since that class, I have noticed my tendency to fast forward to the future, guess what may go wrong, and try to resolve it.  “Just this,” has helped bring me to what is rather than what may be. It’s a practice. The old familiar patterns present themselves much more readily, but the new lesson helps, and its effect is immediate when I recall and recite it.

Give it a try.  When you imagine an all too real disaster that hasn’t happened yet, remember “Just This” and come back to now.