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imagesWhen H1 had her gifted school tour, her mom was on her honeymoon, so her dad and I took her on the tour. I am very partial to achievement and was extremely excited about the school, so much so that I really wanted to be a part of the school, maybe even volunteer (that’s huge. I’m not one to participate in school events). However, I knew her mom would be all over their school and I would have to step back.

A month after she enrolled, we received an email invitation from one of the parents at this new school. It would be an opportunity for kids and parents to mingle. The party was a stone’s throw from our house luckily the kids were scheduled to be with us that weekend. Excited at the chance to meet new people when my partner asked me if I wanted to go, I said a resounding YES.  Since the kids spend more time at their mom’s (new arrangement), to keep us abreast of their lives, she has created four calendars to share with us: one for each girl’s activity and one for both girls’ shared activities, and if you can believe it, one for girls’ dad time.  I still hadn’t figured out how to turn off the notification alert when one day one of the numerous buzzes said H1’s Reach (gifted) party. My blood pressure went up and naturally I attacked the first person around, my partner.  I threw words and body parts around. I cursed the world and probably her because I assumed that she planned to go. She was planning to interject on this one event that was happening when they were with us.

I got mad at her, then at myself for forgetting they are not my kids, then again at her because I could. I threaten to adopt my own child, who would also be gifted, so I could go be a part of this freaking school.  And I started to remember all the things the woman has done wrong, like the time she asked me to go to H1’s school Xmas party when she couldn’t go (incidentally I was sick and couldn’t go either). But in January I set up a meeting with H1’s teacher to introduce myself in case another party came up. Their mom freaked out and texted and called because she wanted to know why I went to the school?

I’ll sit this out.  No, screw it. I’ll go. 

This went on for a while.  The party weekend came. Not surprisingly, H1, the introvert, decided she didn’t want to go to the party.

All that precious anger went to waste.