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41xRJTd-hNLBoth in our house as well as their mom’s the girls are required to hang their clothes after the parents finish doing laundry.

Here’s what happened at their mom’s house:

Mom had finished her laundry and folded their clothes in two piles, but had not yet put them in each child’s room. When she returned to the place she’d left the clothes, the piles were gone.

“What happened to the clothes girls?”

H1 reported she had put away her sister’s clothes.

Their mom, pleasantly surprised and wanting to positively reinforce a good behavior, praised her profusely. “That’s the sweetest thing you have ever done honey,”  etc, etc.

A few minutes later, she heard H2 whimpering in H1’s room.

“What’s the matter?”

Sniff, sniff.  “H1 told me I had to put away her clothes since she put away mine.”   There’s more.  The pile H1 put away was half the one she was forcing her younger sister to put away.

The art of giving with strings attached starts early people.