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Beautiful words by one of my yoga teachers. Give it a go. It’s so simple, yet so powerful.

“REALIZE that you are everything and everything is you. Your enemy is you. Your annoying coworker is you. The person you admire most is you. The tree is you.
When you look in the eyes of a dog, you are looking into your own eyes.
When you hear the birds chirp, you are hearing your own voice.
When you hug a loved one, you are hugging yourself.
Understanding this concept brings supreme peace and tolerance. When everyone REALIZES (makes it real, not just a thought) this there will be no more hate, violence, greed, etc. We will treat others the way we would like to be treated because we ARE the others.” – Lee Gaines

Don’t just do it with people you like or are neutral about.  Practice it with people who irk you for one reason or another.  You will discover different versions of you: the weightlifter, the bike rider, the drop dead gorgeous, the teacher, the child, the homeless, and you can’t help but smile at them. It inspires a sense of inclusivity and compassion.

Peace and Happy Monday.