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Typically during bedtime, H2 stalls.  This is the time she comes up with all manner of questions, some of which you totally fall for, because it’s a topic you are interested in. That’s how I used to soften my disciplinarian dad before asking permission for impossible things.  Let’s say I wanted to go hiking with a group that included boys. This was Iran.  Both the government and parents frowned on it.  I’d ask question about his work and he’d tell me all about it.  Then in the middle of it, I’d somehow relate a part of our discussion to the mountain and speaking of the mountain, can I go hiking on Friday? A group of friends are going.  Bam.  Done.

I was in high school then.  H2 is learning the skill at age 7.  So on this night as I got ready to leave her bedside, she blurted out: “I have a question.” Of course you do. “Can you tell me how you get tetanus?” Yes people, we actually talk about diseases.

“I’ve told you about tetanus before.”
“I forgot.”

So I explained it again with examples while she added to the list with her “what about”s.  To prevent nightmares I added: “You don’t have to worry about it though. You’ve had a shot.”

“Well then my mom needs a shot.”


“Because she had me.”

Oh boy.  Where is she going with this? Dad’s sperm caused tetanus? Quite frankly she wouldn’t be that off. I mean look at those suckers? They even look like sperms.  I resisted my sperm question though.

“How do you mean?”

“Well, God put me in her belly.”

Of course.  It’s God’s fault.