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On a relaxing Saturday morning H1 comes to me with her notebook and pencil.

“BB, I want to write an essay with you.”

“Awesome.  Let’s do it.”

“I want it to be like the one you wrote.”

Unsure which she is talking about, I gear up, probably also puff up a little.

She starts writing the title: “Dog’s Almanac”

I don’t remember ever writing anything about dogs.  But so what?  We can go with it.  Kids are creatvie.

“Do you have facts about dogs you want to put in here?”

“No, I want to do the one with thoughts. What was that one?  Thoughts of an almanac? Thoughts of an Insaniac?”

“Oh.  You mean thoughts of an insomniac?”

“Yes.  That one.”

Man, that’s way off.   I wonder how many other times they have totally misunderstood or misquoted what I’ve told them.  Then again, it explains why their response is so off the wall sometimes.