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I was doing my morning comb through Facebook today when I came across a picture of a friend’s wife.  The capture said Natasha in the Kitchen.  It was a beautiful black and white photo of her standing front of an ironing board, holding a sheer fabric.  I thought boy, doesn’t he have a beautiful life.  He has a backstory, though. He had to leave New York to go to Moscow and reclaim his child a few years ago.  And he had to stay in Moscow, at least for the time being.  Since then he met Natasha, got married, and now has a beautiful second girl.  He blogs about his life and posts photos as art projects regularly.  But then I realized it’s not necessarily his life, but the lens he has on his life that makes it so rich and beautiful.  He appreciates what he has.  He could have easily put on the victim lens, yet he has chosen not to.  And this view is what makes me, living in the U.S., where he probably prefers to be, admire his life in Moscow.

What lens do you have on your life?

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