Bahar is a story-teller with a positive worldview, a wanderlust, passionate about life, love and music. Her spontaneous nature welcomes adventure. In our hyphenated world she would be considered Iranian-American.

At the airport you see a smile on her face once she is past the security lines because new experiences are waiting to be had.  She believes we learn much through traveling, seeing, feeling and experiencing the world.

In her past life she was an Oral Surgeon. She is busy writing now.

Her works have been published in Tea A Magazine, The Single Hound, Berg Gasse 19, Monkeybicycle, and Marco Polo, where she was recently invited to join as a regular contributorHer micro-essay was a winner at Creative Nonfiction Online.  Essays from her recent visit to Iran also appear in Pink Pangea, a travel site for women.  She is currently working on translating a book about her ancestry from Farsi to English. 

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8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Barbara Bourgeois said:

    Hi Bahar,
    It’s Barbara, I was playing on the computer and looked you up and was so happy to find you and see you are pursuing your dream. You look so beautiful and happy.
    Bob & I love retirement in Florida.Come visit us.

  2. Madeeha Khalid said:

    Salams Bahar, This is Madeeha.
    We were in Maths at uT Austin together. I have thought of you very often but wasn’t able to find you. The just last night I tried to look again and voila who do I see? someone just as she looked back in 1998, so pretty fresh and happy. Delighted to finally see your face again. Hope you are keeping well. Can I contact you by e-mail? I don’t do(don;t have time for) Facebook or twitter (am in a non stop hamster wheel with two kids et al :-). Your website/blogs are amazing. Well done girl!

  3. I love your blog so much I feel like we’re the same person! Lovely to meet you. I’m an Osho loving, yoga doing, terrified bonus mom in a quest to know the whole world. We should be friends.

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