Here are a few of my published essays:

“Hierarchy of Tea,” published in Tea A Magazine, Fall 2010
“Hotel Chocolat” published in The Single Hound, Summer 2011
“How Oral Surgery Ruined My Words, Plus Wheat Thins” published in Marco Polo Arts Magazine, Spring 2012
A Stranger In Two Lands”
published in Mandala Journal, Exodus Issue 2012
“What if” published in You and Me Magazine, 2013

I’m also a travel correspondent for  Here are my posts:

“Artful Persian Politeness” August 22, 2011
“Steering Clear of The Authorities in Iran” September 11, 2011
“Shopping for Groceries in Iran” October 23, 2011
“Medical Malfunctions in Iran” December 2, 2011
“Transportation and Segregation in Iran” January 17, 2012
“White Knuckle Fear and Traffic in Iran” March 30, 2012
“Masouleh: An Iranian Village On The Rooftops” April 23, 2012

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